Couplings, grommets, fittings

Couplings, grommets, fittings


Fittings - connectors for easy, high-quality pipe processing

At ELMAG you will find all the connection fittings you need for a professional installation. Accessories in the area of assembly technology are referred to in the jargon as fittings. In simple terms, these are bent pieces of iron which allow the course of the pipe to be adjusted.

Large selection of fittings

All piping systems have fittings and various machine elements. Choose from a wide selection of materials in our shop:

  • Steel

  • Copper

  • Brass

The fittings can be screwed or plugged in, allowing for easy system expansion. Fittings contribute to fast, easy and safe pipe processing. They include screws, nuts, sleevesand washers. They are usually attached by soldering and welding and can be releasable or permanent. In addition to the different materials, there are also various shapes and functional types. Fittings can join or split several pipes. They are used in all piping systems, such as drinking water pipes or pipes for heating and cooling systems.

In our shop you will find a wide selection of different plug connectors:

  • straight connection

  • change of direction

  • T-connections

  • branch connections

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