Quality compressed air filters

  • Effective compressed air filtration and de-oiling

    How clean is your compressed air?

    By nature, atmospheric air already contains various impurities such as dust, a variety of hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity. When extracted by the compressor, they are compressed and discharged into the line together with oil particles from the compression process.
    These dirt particles interact and can form abrasive and corrosive emulsions that can damage downstream equipment. Quality treatment solutions remove these contaminants from the compressed air.

    MARK filters keep your compressed air network in optimum shape!

    The installation of one or more filters is essential in every compressed air network. This results in a higher air quality that will benefit your entire compressed air network, including the downstream dryers, compressed air lines and pneumatic tools. It is advisable to treat the compressed air in different stages by using two or three filters.
    With only a single filter, rapid saturation of the filter could occur, which could lead to pressure loss, reduced air quality, or premature replacement of the filter elements.
Quality compressed air filters
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Quality compressed air filters

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