Automatic reels

Automatic reels


Automatic hose reels and cable reels

Automatic hose reels from ELMAG make animportant contribution to occupational safety on construction sites, in garages and workshops, in agriculture and horticulture, trade and industry.

ELMAG - hose reels and cable reels: THE quality range for safe working

During use, automatic hose reels or cable reels allow the length of hoseyou require to unroll easily and very quickly. After use, you can roll it back upagain in seconds and your workplace always remainsclean and tidy. Hose reels and cable reels from ELMAG therefore improve functionality and safety, and hoses and cables are protected against wear and breakage.

Additional safety for hose reels and cable reels: SLOW MOTION

The topic of safety has become more important than ever in day-to-day work. ELMAG has succeeded in making its hose and cable reels even safer by developing the new, unique, patented 'SLOW MOTION' device. This slows down the hose or cable intake and thus prevents the classic whiplash effect.

Just think how often the cable or hose can accidentally slip out of your hand during your daily work: For example, a car mechanic, in a hurry to finish a job, might accidentally let the cable or hose slip while winding it up and risks scratching or causing other accidental damage to the vehicle that has just been repaired as a result of whiplash. 'SLOW MOTION' prevents this and simply slows down the cable or hose intake. 'SLOW MOTION' allows you to work in complete safety and focus entirely on the work in hand.

'SLOW MOTION' combines simplicity with genius. It is an accessory that can be easily mounted on many ELMAG reelsthat are already commercially available, without having to make any changes. 'SLOW MOTION': Sometimes it is important to be able to slow down.

automatic reels for industry

ELMAG - Industrie series reels can be used for a wide variety of media. In addition to compressed air and water, they are also suitable for oil, grease, petrol, welding gases, natural gases, etc.

In addition, all ELMAG Industrie reels are ATEX approved. ATEX stands for 'ATmosphére EXplosible' and is the abbreviation for the European Directive 94/9/EC for distribution of explosion-proof electrical and mechanical equipment, components and protective systems.

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