Assembly compressors

Assembly compressors


Assembly compressor - top performance in all areas

Products from ELMAG are characterised by maximum safety and long-lasting quality. They are suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts and offer the right solution for every application. Compressors are incredibly versatile devices. Many people use them for simple tasks like filling bicycle tyres and are unaware of what these devices can do. There are various models, depending on the area of application:

  • Piston compressors

  • Screw compressors

In combination with a piston compressor, the compressor is truly a multifunction device. Screw compressors are more expensive and are very quiet.

The advantage of an assembly compressor is its flexibility

An assembly compressor is a product used to generate compressed air. It can be operated electronically or manually, depending on the model. The air compressor sucks in air so that it can release it in compressed form. Various applications can be put into operation with this form of energy. Various models for light compressed air work on construction sites and those made especially for locations with no power supply will make many tasks easier for you in future. Small flexible devices are suitable for work in the garden or on construction sites.  

In the ELMAG online shop we stock assembly compressors, compressed air compressors and other articles and tools which are helpful when using compressed air. You are guaranteed to find the device you are looking for!

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