Accessories for sandblasting

Accessories for sandblasting


Sandblasting accessories for your compressor - surface cleaning made easy

Whether it’s wood, metal or another material, the cleaning of surfaces is not always easy and cleaning of components is subject to high quality standards. Conventional sandblasting makes surface cleaning child's play. You can prepare building materials perfectly for further processing, for example. ELMAG professional sandblasters offer you the opportunity to remove dirt of various sorts. The sandblasting nozzles regulate the intensity of the jet - depending on the dirt.

As a specialist in sandblasting equipment, we have the right accessories for you to achieve a smooth, even surface. Choose a product that is suitable for your specific surface cleaning application from our wide range.

We offer a wide selection of useful blasting accessories in our shop:

  • spare parts,

  • jet nozzles,

  • nozzle holders,

  • blasting hoses,

  • blasting granules,

  • couplings, etc.

Since the safety of our customers is very important to us, in addition to the blasting equipment and the usual accessories we also provide suitable protective equipment such as sandblasting overalls and protective masks.

With ELMAG professional accessories for bright surfaces

In addition to our professional accessories, you will also find a sandblasting gunhere, with which you can use the blasting material to the best effect. Only by using these two products in combination will you make your surface shine.

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